How Our Process Works

How do you get approved? It is a breeze.

  • Submit Your Application. You can apply in 3 minutes, and there are no obligations. We place you with a lender in our network based on where you live, your income, and your credit score. All FICO scores are eligible.
  • Discuss Your Needs with Your Illinois Auto Finance Specialist. Your lender will contact you in order to go over your options. They should be able to provide you with an APR quote at this point, as well as your options as far as vehicles and lending terms. Bear in mind, you’re under no obligation to accept this loan.
  • Select a Vehicle from a Dealership In Your Area. Once approved, you can purchase your new or used vehicle from a dealership in the area. Your loan pre-approval will help streamline the process of buying your vehicle, and possibly improve your negotiating power.

Why Arrange Your Funding Online?

Pre-approved auto loans provide many benefits for consumers in Illinois and across the nation. You can focus exclusively on choosing the right vehicle, as opposed to stressing about whether you’ll be able to secure the funds you need. It also reduces the time you’ll spend on paperwork. Simply speaking, it elevates the whole experience, removing one of the chief hurdles to getting a new car.

Illinois Interest Rates

A considerable percentage of any car payment is interest. For that reason, lower rates will lead to lower payments. It is nearly impossible to estimate your what your actual rate will be before you submit an application. But we have provided the following estimates based on the experiences of our clients.

FICO Used Vehicle APR New Vehicle APR
720-850 4% 3.9%
690-719 6.1% 5.5%
660-689 8.4% 7.7%

Minimizing Your Rate of Interest (APR)

Latest studies indicate that 4 out of every 5 consumers has at least one mistake on their credit report. These are typically a result of human error, as the credit bureaus rely on your creditors to report payments and the opening/closing of accounts to them. Often something will slip “under the radar.” For this reason, it’s important to request a copy of your credit report once each year, then dispute any errors you find with the credit bureau reporting the mistake. This could increase your credit score, decrease your interest rate, and save you a lot of money on your next vehicle. After you apply, we will give you the information you need to minimize your interest rate.

Your Information is Safe

Whenever you apply for a loan, the bank or finance company requires you to provide some personal data. We take your privacy very seriously. All data transmissions of sensitive information are encrypted with SSL secure socket layer, and we have implemented a variety of measures to prevent unauthorized access to your data. In most cases, we remove your most sensitive data from our system after one week, and we keep all email communication to a minimum.