Tips on Deciding How Much Auto Insurance to Get

Do you know how much auto insurance you should carry? With a tight budget, the last thing you want is to be spending more than you have to. It is true that in the majority of states required to carry at least minimum liability insurance. With this being said, why should you carry full insurance than if the law says you can get away with minimum? Before you can make your decision, you need to step back and assess your situation. Do you own or lease? The answer to whether you own or lease will determine how much insurance you need to carry. Most leases require you to carry full auto insurance as do some car payments. They want to be sure that they get their money in case you total the car before it is paid in full. Remember, with minimum liability insurance is, any damage that you do or that is done to the other person will be covered. If they have at least liability insurance then the damage they cause to your car will be covered by theirs. However, minimum insurance will not cover damages to your car. Some of the factors you need to look into before dropping your full coverage include: If you own your car, what is the value of the car? Of course, it your car a lease? Finally, know what will be covered and what will not be covered. After you take into account all of this into account can you make a qualified decision on whether or not to go to collision only.


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Have You Considered a Hybrid or EV? 2013 Sales are up 30%!

Tesla Model S
Author: Crixxor

Are you considering a “green car” for your next purchase? If so, you aren’t the only one. According to recent data, sales of such vehicles from January 2013 through September of 2013 were up a whopping 30% over the same period in 2012. There are three main types of so-called “green cars” represented in these numbers:

  • Pure Electric Vehicles (EV):  vehicles like the Nissan Leaf and all Tesla models. These were up nearly 450%!
  • Plugin Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV):  most notably the Toyota Prius. Sales were up nearly 36%.
  • Conventional Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEV):  the most common and popular of all hybrids.  Sales were up 21%.

Thanks to Evobsession for reporting and compiling these numbers.

Does This Signal a Paradigm Shift?

It certainly seems that the American public is warming up to electric vehicles like never before. In fact, Jessica Caldwell, a Senior Anaylst for, recently discovered that Tesla is outselling many leading luxury brands in American’s wealthiest communities. This is a victory not just for Tesla Motors–whose sales by the way are up 8000% this year–but for electric vehicle proponents everywhere. It seems we are in the midst of seeing a tide change in the US auto industry, and we can either fight it or embrace it. Given the sporty character of vehicles like the Tesla Model S and BMW’s i-series vehicles, it’s not a tough pill to swallow, even for old gearheads like this one.

Should You Consider an EV, HEV, or PHEV?

That depends. At this point, you will still pay a premium for these vehicles, and it’s been noted again and again that it takes years for the money you save in gas to make up for the price premium. Also, if you are opting for a pure electric vehicle, you need to consider infrastructure. If you live in, say, Chicago or Detroit, you shouldn’t have much of a problem finding places to recharge your batteries. In non-metro areas, however, this could be an issue.

Longer Financing Terms – Good or Bad?

Financing an auto loan for six years or longer may seem like an attractive option for many consumers. On average, Experian the credit reporting bureau, states that most auto loans are 65 months long. Experts warn, however, that the increased time frame for financing a vehicle loan may not be a good thing. Of the many factors to consider one of the most important is that on a longer loan it will take longer for the consumer to break even. That is, in terms of years it will take longer for the consumer to reach the point that they owe equal to what they vehicle is actually worth. Owing more than what a vehicle is worth is a term referred to as being upside down. At least 25% of a car’s value is lost during the first few years. Another important factor to consider is that the consumer will pay more interest for financing the vehicle over a longer term.

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Illinois Striving to Protect Victims While Keeping Car Insurance Affordable.

Illinois is proposing to raise the minimum required liability coverage for auto insurance to $25,000. A $5,000 increase to the current minimum of $25,000. The last time the state legislation successfully changed this minimum was in 1989 when the current minimum of $20,000 was set. Uninsured victims of an automobile accident or underinsured victims of an automobile accident are not receiving enough coverage for their medical bills with the current minimum being set at $20,000. Heather Anderson is profiled and as an example found that after an accident with her grandmother the minimum $20,000 was nowhere near enough to cover her medical expenses. The legislation will take effect January 1st, 2015 and has the intent to raise the protection financially to the injured but also to keep the minimum insurance rates affordable to everyone. The state of Illinois currently reports a rate of 15% of their drivers being uninsured.

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GM Tops VW in China First Half of 2013

Take that Europe! General Motors has sold more cars in China so far this year than has Volkswagen. Things are going so well right now for GM in the Land of Red, that it has just posted its best half ever in China by selling nearly 1.6 million vehicles, a year-over-year increase of 11 percent.

Talking about its grand success, Bob Socia, president of GM China, said, “We have seen strong vehicle demand across China, particularly in the midsize, upper-medium, luxury and SUV segments. We expect demand to remain robust through the end of the year.”

Despite these heady days, GM cannot afford to rest on its laurels. VW is sold just about 40,000 fewer vehicles in China this first half of the year by moving 1.54 million units. Overall, 21.4 million new cars were sold in China in the first six months of the year.

Illinois State Takes 2nd Place in Solar Car Race

This article is about seven graduate and undergraduate students from
various departments of Illinois State University and their endeavors in a
solar car race competition. The students, under the leadership of Cameron
Knight, raced for three eight-hour days against
rival universities Oregon State and Iowa. The race was close and down
to the wire until team ISU blew a tire in the last 25 minutes of the
race, resulting in Oregon State grasping the 1st place spot. Illinois
State won second place, beating out Iowa by four seconds, as well as many other schools
such as Northwestern University and Western Michigan University.

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